• Initial Consultation

    • RightSmith will engage your team to discover and identify the objectives for your archive.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy for libraries; rather we think that media libraries are large and diverse and that all content is NOT created equal.

  • Digitization & Encoding

    • RightSmith works with best-in-class partners for film scanning and tape digitization at 4K, 2K, telecine, and multiple tape formats.  Our partner also is a world leading firm in restoration services for most Hollywood studios.

  • Media Asset Management

    • RightSmith works with partners who maintain a high level of expertise in analog-digital conversion, restoration, and media asset management.  We are technology agnostic, and seek out the best-in-class services and technologies that support our overall value proposition.

  • Metadata Management

    • In order to raise value for your archive, metadata is crucial for it gives access to the asset. We create and optimize the metadata depending on the usage of your assets.

  • Library Analysis & Strategy

    • After securing agreement on the objectives for your library, we will evaluate your assets, metadata, internal and external delivery requirements, and historical data against these objectives.  We will also benchmark current vendors and channels.  We will then formulate a complete strategy for your archive and initiate a pilot program.  At the end of the pilot we will re-engage your team to refine objectives and update the overall strategy based upon data collected during the pilot.  This cycle will continue as we amass data on the library, along with changes in technology, channels, and market demand.

  • Data Analysis & Reporting

    • We believe in the power of data to drive decisions. This data comes from multiple sources, to include:
    • Site and partner site usage – search, bin, time, conversionSales statistics – region, frequency, price
      Industry and channel – trends, performance
      Event calendar – anniversaries, events, etc.
      Trade information – studio, movie rights, biographies, rights, etc.
      Internal requests
    • Analyzing this data, we will make decisions on digitization priority, curation and metadata, channel selection, and business model development.

  • Monetization

    • For traditional licensing of commercial assets, RightSmith will match up segments of your library against the most appropriate distribution channel.  Most libraries will have a mix of rights managed and royalty free content, which reside either offline or online. RightSmith also continuously seeks out new opportunities for monetization across digital platforms.
    • Please click here to see our Content License Agreement.

Licensing Services

  • Research

    • RightSmith offers various research services for licensees to locate the right content, from online and offline research to third party content research.

  • Rights & Clearances

    • When using footage or still images in your projects, you need to consider various elements of permissions such as copyright (movies, television shows, etc), talents (actors and actresses, athletes, etc), trademarks and logos, landmarks and locations, music, text, speeches, etc. One video/still image could have many elements in it, and we can help you navigate through the complex world of Rights Clearances.
    • When clearance is possible or realistic, we will recommend clearing the object, people, etc. This is usually for copyrights, famous talents, famous trademarks, logos, locations, etc.
    • When clearance is impossible or unrealistic, we will recommend our Assurance (Indemnification) service if available. This is usually for unidentifiable people, low-risk objects, etc.
    • Just let us know your requirements and if we cannot handle we will point you in the right direction. For a FREE ASSESSMENT, please contact us at [email protected].