Shutterstock Premier License (AUS/JP)

Shutterstock’s Premier License is designed to serve for creative professionals such as advertisers, advertisement agencies, production houses, TV Networks, publishers, and digital creative agencies, by providing extensive coverage of license, indemnification, and services.


Cinesound Movietone Productions

This unique archival Australian and international newsreel collection covers events from the 1930s through to the mid-1970s; from WWII to the Korean and Vietnam Wars – the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to the election of President Kennedy; from the opening of Sydney’s famous Harbor Bridge and Opera House to cricketer Don Bradman’s career. These newsreels showcase in fascinating detail the changing attitudes of Australia and the world, recording and commenting on every major event in politics, war, natural disasters, entertainment, and sport. This 35mm archival film collection is a 50-year record of how the world lived and played, what people wore and how they saw themselves.

T3Media Collection

T3Media a leader in content management, delivery and monetization services for media and entertainment companies.   For over a decade, T3Media has provided video content owners including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox International Channels, Fox Sports, Paramount Pictures, National Geographic and the NCAA® with services and technologies that enable them to thrive in the digital world.

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